News  Introduction to how to scientific to select cost-effective flexible cable  
Introduction to how to scientific to select cost-effective flexible cable
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Flexible cable belong to all aspects of performance is very excellent wire, so when the choose and buy, we can from two aspects, one is the wire itself, the other is cable market.
First of all, is the flexible cable itself.First, high quality cable to look at the colour of copper wire, how many the quality, color is not straight, it is to see whether the selection of excellent, it only good material can have good conductive properties;Second, the diameter of the copper wire, in general, the smaller the diameter of it, that copper wire is fine, but at the same time the higher toughness, explain quality is better;Third, look at the case outside, if cases adopted the fixed and softening process, whether there is a very good corrosion process.
Secondly, the flexible cable market.
First, look at supplier's basic situation.Whether have appropriate sales and agent qualification, if there is a legitimate business license, whether some of the biggest manufacturer designated authorized agents, these are the important factors influencing the cable selection.
Second, the supplier of the service.Whether can provide on-site measurement and quotation service, whether can delivery the goods, whether to issue the corresponding test report, whether can the door installation, commissioning and after-sales service, these are decided after buying the flexible cable key will generate a lot of trouble back at home.
Flexible cable is now indispensable a wire of high-tech industry, it can help people to better complete electrical and signal transmission, it is not easy to damage, has long service life and its stability is unmatched by other common cable.Nowadays, with the progress of science and technology and the expansion of large-scale intensive production, more and more demand for this kind of cable, but how can the need according to oneself, to find in the market of good and evil people mixed up to meet the requirements of their high quality flexible cable is critical, believe that introduction of this paper provide a direction for everyone, but more depends on experience and on to complete the verification.

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