News  New energy car battery pile trillion-dollar markets prosper  
New energy car battery pile trillion-dollar markets prosper
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New energy car battery pile trillion-dollar markets Prosper "overtaking corner"

At once, the new energy automotive industry has past five years, 2015 years can be said to be the new energy vehicles in the true sense of a year, the state of all stripes, private companies and foreign capital to enter, the call for "corner overtaking" penetrated into every corner of the industry to quickly.
Prosper group is committed to the big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, smart grid solutions for research and development, manufacturing, and into the new energy, financial investment in areas such as national innovative enterprises, at present, the new energy automotive cable has the industry's first.Prosper in cable industry development, on the basis of existing started to explore in the field of new energy segment features, actively promote new energy technology research and development and application, including the new energy automotive vehicle intelligent cable, such as charging pile operation industry layout.

Cable companies can do charging pile?For this reason, the reporter an exclusive interview in group executive vice President Qian Jianlin, reveal prosper market strategy of new energy car battery pile layout.
Policy under the gate open New energy automobiles market into the outbreak period
In recent years, the problem of environmental protection and resource utilization is more and more attention, since the winter of 2015, frequent heavy fog, especially in Beijing, tianjin, hebei and other regions, has to a certain extent, affected the people's travel, work, and even life.National and local intensify policy support for new energy vehicles, stirs policy gate opening makes a lot of social capital, the outbreak of the new energy vehicles in sales.According to the ministry, according to data from October 1, 2015, the domestic new energy car cumulative production 206900, rose 3 times.At present, our country has put the development of new energy automotive industry as one of the national development strategy.
As the new energy vehicle market capacity, as a new energy automobiles marketing facilities, fast charging pile construction has become a new energy cars driving fast promotion is important one annulus, filling in domestic power plant construction in dense KuoRongQi, quantity will double every year growth.Promulgated by the state council in October this year, to speed up the charging infrastructure construction guidance, in November, the national development and reform commission also released by the electric vehicle charging infrastructure development guide (2015-2020).Plus new gb charging pile has strong release, further stimulated the development of new energy vehicles and charging pile market.
Prosper group executive vice President Qian Jianlin tells a reporter, now into the new energy cars and charging pile when the market is very good, it is the whole market is very clear, the second is the enterprise gradually realize the importance of industry standards, some unreasonable places in a large number of design improvement, in addition, the national current subsidy policy to the development of new energy vehicles is also very clear.As more and more fog, to improve the city traffic, the car brand will increase, and the limit of CARDS just for gasoline car limit, it will further stimulate the development of new energy vehicles.
Locate new energy automotive industry chain development field The obvious advantages in
According to Qian Jianlin, prosper has now completed the whole electric power industry chain system.Development from a strategic perspective, prosper aim featured niche development path.As early as five years ago, established a new research direction in the field of energy characteristics.
Into the new energy automotive cable and charging pile in the area of development, prosperity has the following several important advantage of development: the first is technical advantage.New energy vehicles from tsinghua research institute and prosper at the beginning of the cooperation, prosperity of its industrial chain related project to do a lot of money.Prosper together with tsinghua institute in addition to the technical side, some technical problems in operations research on cooperation.Second, the geographical position for promotion.Combined with prosper in the long triangle locations advantage, which will be conducive to the future of new energy automotive cable and charging pile of promotion.Third, the financial advantage.Fourth, flexible operating advantages.Prosper in the development of new energy automotive cable and the process of charging pile, in addition to independent research and development can also quickly expanded by way of merger and acquisition.Fifth, form a complete set of advantage.Prosper as it did on the new energy automotive cable and charging pile.

Preempt the technology advantage New energy automobiles market in their way
In recent years, in cooperation with tsinghua automobiles research institute, byd auto enterprises, actively promote the technology development and application of new energy vehicles, has been in new energy vehicle interior high voltage cable and new energy car battery pile technology and application of the intelligent cable has achieved certain results.
In many years ago began to new energy vehicle interior high voltage cable technology research and reserves.By 2015, prosper have new energy special engineering vehicles using the technology of the cable.According to prosper technology center of electric power industry group special cable group leader feng-jun tian introduction, in 2016, prosper will according to the market and technology development, to develop the third generation of the optimization of product development.Feng-jun tian, points out the future development direction of new energy power cable technology is thin, lightweight, large capacity, low loss.In pile group in 2013, has developed the charging cable and through the appraisal."We can produce a large quantity of high quality ac, dc charging cable."In power industry group, senior engineer, director of the center for technology pipe s said.
Taken together, the new energy automobiles market pattern gradually clear, the future is likely to reach one trillion yuan level.Prosper by borrow dongfeng policies, aimed at the huge market demand, in its strong capital strength and leading technology innovation ability on the basis of strategic layout, the future will be in the field of new energy automobiles cable, charging pile carved out a new heaven and earth.

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