News  "China power cable industry gave birth to dream"  
"China power cable industry gave birth to dream"
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The current financial crisis and China's economic growth is slowing, has led to the wire and cable manufacturing enterprises orders continue to decline, some enterprises in production BanTingChan dilemma, or even face the test of life and death.Shutdown wave hit, the knockout acceleration, for wire and cable industry is a blessing or a curse?Article links: control in China, some say, the economic "cold" will be more than the financial crisis of 2008.This means that the wire and cable industry is facing a huge change in the dilemma: industrial transformation and upgrading, the big teams, from disorderly to orderly and never norms to regulate market, accelerate the integration between enterprises and evolution.

The indications are that an extremely profound industry revolution is breeding.

First, the cable industry are moving in the best years of transformation and upgrading.This year's financial crisis under the environment of the market situation, to the transformation and upgrading of wire and cable manufacturing enterprises has brought great pressure and the power, force transformation and upgrading of enterprises to enhance the sense of crisis and urgency, this is forced by the situation.

At the same time, China's economy is in transition period, although the government recently introduced intensive economic stimulus measures, but low growth will continue, the market demand is limited, it is difficult to support domestic nearly m cable "island".Therefore, full speed up the industry reshuffle is inevitable, transformation and upgrading is the trend of The Times.Government advocacy and booster transformation and upgrading, will give enterprise spirit of innovation and product upgrading to provide policy and support materials, cable companies should seize the opportunity to speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading, conquers the highest position in cable technology and high-end products.Who started early in transformation and upgrading, run fast, run to win, who is the winner of the future market.

Second, the right cable industry market norms.More need to standardize the market under the economic crisis.The hope of the industry in the revitalization of and revitalization is the premise of specification.The good news is that since November 1, since the national work conference on wire and cable products quality improvement, speeding up the magnitude of the cable industry market regulation: a group of illegal enterprises was checked, and even wiped out;On engineering construction unit has or is changing "the lowest bid" bidding rules;"Non-standard" hidden rules has become a lightning rod, such as being spurned by market, etc.

Although Chinese cable market from disorderly to orderly, never norms to regulate, from hidden rules to clear rules, is still a long way to go, but the direction of the market orderly and standardized direction cannot be reversed.For this purpose, the cable companies especially above designated size enterprises should take the initiative to perform the main body of market regulation, jointly create a fair and just, standard and orderly, integrity, harmonious market competition environment.It is to defend the interests of the state and industry, and to protect the interests of our own enterprise.
Third, wire and cable industry to accelerate integration has pulled open the curtain.For cable companies, each time the economic crisis is a process of evolution.Assorted into on track forces or dissolution;Track the all arms through the BGF formed a powerful "synthetic" or "joint fleet", has strong combat effectiveness.The economic crisis to scale enterprises, brand enterprises provides a better space for development.
It is understood that the current wire and cable industry clairvoyance of several leading enterprises, listed companies, is underway in the country looking for partners, or using the product structure or regional differences between each other, through the technology, products, market, capital and other multilateral cooperation, form strategic alliances, realize the complementary advantages, combination;Or the passage of a massive merger, acquisition and reorganization to realize the strategic expansion.These actions are very era significance and value of specimen.
Predictably, the next few years a number of "the birth of the cable carrier", will completely change the Chinese cable industry "big but not strong", "" people" of the status quo.China to achieve dream of becoming a cable world powers have is imminent.

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